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Mr. Smooth's Ballroom & Stepper's Express Dance Show


    Mr. Smooth’s Ballroom Express Dance Show

 Your Hosts, Calvin, Easy Al, and Mrs Jackie Sibert, better known as Mr. and Mrs. Smooth, along with Producer & Director Dj Maestro, bring you the new 21st Century Soul Train.

 The show features the best of Ballroom Dance, Steppers, Ballroom & Stepper Trios, 

 This show is not just for the adults in the room - it’s taken the world by storm! Mr. Smooth’s Ballroom & Stepper's Express is a half hour TV show, showcasing some of the greatest ballroom & steppers in the world.

 Exposing great new talent, featured dancers,and the Ballroom Express Line. So put your dancing shoes on, and come join us on Mr. Smooth’s Ballroom & Stepper's Express Dance Show!

See Mr. Smooth's Ballroom & Steppers Express Dance Show Trailer Below

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                                                               Show Times: 
                      Saturday Morning @ 7:30am on WTTO CW 21  Birmingham, Al.
                          Saturday Afternoon @ 12:30pm on WHPR 15.2  Detroit, Mi.
                       Sunday Night @ 9:30pm on KBPX 46.3 & Houston, Tx
          Sunday Night @ 11:00pm on WPAN 53.4 & Pensacola, FL.
         Sunday Night @ 11:00pm on WBQP 12.1 & Mobile Al.                                               Mondays Afternoon @ 4pm on KBPX 46.3 & Houston, Tx
                  Thursday Morning @ 12:30am on KBPX 46.3 & Houston, Tx
                        Friday Morning @ 5:30am on WBMM CW 22 Montgomery, Al.
                         Friday Afternoon @ 1:20pm on Philly Cam Philadelphia, Pa.
                                 Streaming now on 

                                                                                                                                                                                                        See Full Episodes on Past Episodes Page

Ballroom Express Sizzle Reel

Ballroom Express Sizzle Reel

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