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I Luv 2 Hustle Show

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                      I Luv 2 Hustle Show

     Join DJ Maestro, & Dr. E each week for THE I LUV 2 HUSTLE SHOW, the dopest half hour of entertainment on TV! As The Undisputed King Of The Hustle, DJ Maestro features the Turbo Hustle, The Freak Beat, Get Fit While You Sit.

 The I LUV 2 HUSTLE SHOW is a family friendly party which includes The Smooth Move Of The Week featuring Mr. Smooth and Mrs. Smooth (International Ballroom Instructors), and Maurice Adams (Ballroom Trios Instructor). and the Legendary Big Mucci with the Line Dance of the week 


 These shows include features like videos from around the world, The Line Dance of the week by Big Mucci The King Of Line Dance, and a whole lot more. Each week DJ Maestro, & Dr. E  will bring you the latest moves in line dancing, as they travel around the world, giving you a taste of cultures from the USA, CANADA, the Tropics and AROUND THE WORLD.

 THE I LUV 2 HUSTLE SHOW is family friendly entertainment crossing age, gender, and ethnic borders – the whole family will be dancing together.  Tune in each week for THE I LUV 2 HUSTLE SHOW it has been seen on CW, FOX, ABC &  MYTV Networks throughout the Southeast Region and Phillycam in Philadelphia Pa.

See the I Luv 2 Hustle Show Trailer below


                                                          Show Times:
                      Saturday Mornings @ 10:00am CST. on WTTO CW 21  Birmingham, Al.
Saturday Afternoon @ 12pm EST. on WHPR 15.2 & Detroit, Mi.
        Wednesday & Sunday Night @ 11:30pm CST. on WPAN 53.4 & Mobile, Al
       Wednesday & Sunday Night @ 11:30pm CST. on WBQP 12.1 & Pensacola, FL.                       Friday Afternoons @ 2pm EST. on Philly Cam, & Philadelphia, Pa.

                                                See Full Episodes on Past Episodes Page

I Luv 2 Hustle Sizzle Reel 2

I Luv 2 Hustle Sizzle Reel 2

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